Change Management and Leadership Coaching

Today’s business challenges present a new wave of Human Capital priorities. CYNKON’s Change Management and Leadership Coaching service offering leverages best practices, research, analytics, and industry insights to help its valued clients plan, design, and execute critical initiates via innovative Change Management and Leadership coaching programs.
Change Management
CYNKON helps its clients prepare their people for change by taking a structured approach to Change Management with thoughtful thinking, sensitive implementation, effective consultation and involvement of those stakeholders impacted by the change. Change Management is “an approach to shifting and transitioning individuals, teams and organizations from a current state to a desired future state”. It is also about understanding and navigating the human and psychological side of change within a dynamic system, environment or society.
CYNKON engages every layer of the organization “to be ready” for the change by focusing on activities to articulate the rationale for change, create awareness for the change, address concerns surrounding the change, influence buy-in of the change and finally, support adoption for the change to drive overall organizational performance.
CYNKON consultants utilize a number of different and proven Change Management methodologies including in house tools for implementing and sustaining change within an organization.
Leadership Coaching
Leadership coaching is needed today more than ever as a critical tool for organizational change. It is essential for organizations to align and adapt to the ever rapidly shifting business environment, yet people and organizations often are resistant to the change.
Many organizations have also realized that the traditional hierarchical model of leading and influencing is not often the ultimate approach to succeed in today’s complex and dynamic marketplace. To aim for success, it has become important to adopt more relational, collaborative, and consultative approach for leading and influencing. As a result, organizations are evolving to building a coaching culture that promotes organizational learning, agility and adaptability.
Leadership coaching has emerged as one of the best ways to help individuals learn to think and collaborate together more effectively. Through coaching, leaders learn how to optimize the value of teams and organizations.
CYNKON’s leadership coaching service offering can facilitate productive change in individuals, teams and systems by enabling leaders, managers and employees to uncover the potential within them that might otherwise go untapped and unrecognized. Our coaching approach helps clarify vision, beliefs, values, and stretches individual capacity to lead and influence. Leaders then become catalysts for change within their organizations.
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