Business Strategy and Alignment

Change is the one constant in our ever changing, complex, and dynamic economic environment. Aligning organizational vision to the systems, processes, and people side of change can be an extremely challenging and complex undertaken.

Performance and Process Improvement

Research and many years of experience have shown that most projects also require improvements in current business processes. As a result, the ability to adapt and streamline current business processes is a necessity critical in today’s business environment.

Change Management and Leadership Coaching

Today’s business challenges present a new wave of Human Capital priorities. CYNKON’s Change Management and Leadership Coaching service offering leverages best practices, research, analytics, and industry insights to help its valued clients plan, design, and execute critical initiates via innovative Change Management and Leadership coaching programs.

Project Management

Project Management isn’t just about timelines and deliverables, it’s also about our clients profitability, reputation, stability, and growth. In today’s competitive business environment, organizations must be able to deliver the benefits of successful projects in a more cost-effective manner.

Change Management Training

Change Management is often underestimated as a simple or fuzzy task within organizations, whereas it is a very complex scientific approach embedded with psychology and art to ensure change initiatives are successful.

Strategic Planning

CYNKON’s strategic planning workshop is a collaborative session designed to facilitate the development or refinement of an organization’s strategic plan and direction. It brings together key stakeholders to define the organization’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

At CYNKON, we are passionate about facilitating meaningful connections between organizations and the communities they serve. With a wealth of experience and proven track record in community and stakeholder engagement, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

Recruitment and Placement

At CYNKON, we take pride in our commitment to excellence in recruitment and placement services. Our team of experienced professionals understands the dynamic nature of the job market and are dedicated to providing personalized solutions to both employers and job seekers.
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